Ok this time its Foreal!

Hey guys, so im sort of back! and not because " i'm trapped here i my house due to the snow blizzard that totally put us in a state of emergency!!!!" but because i missed you guys, i truly did and i'm going to begin this blog with my New Years Resolutions!

 number one being: POST MORE OFTEN!!! , yes i slack but hopefully i fulfill this promise!
2. Be more confident, by that meaning stop trying to act a certain way  or  not act myself at times so people can like me and be myself and only myself !
3. pursue my photography hobby that i've been dying to do but work and school always get in the way..well this time it wont and ill do it because i love it!
4. Be more fashionable and BOLD!...im a fashion major and at times i dress according to trends but for 2011 i really want to dress as my own unique style..more like "screw trends im going to wear whatever i feel like it OKAY!"....and wear things i wouldn't normally wear or wouldn't be confident to wear which falls under  goal #2.

So those are my top 4....last year i didn't really have any besides working out,(which of course never happens)...but i'm going to keep it simple for myself and hopefully i get to accomplish these wonderful goals....im excited for the new year and hopefully it doesn't fly by just like this year
- Love you guys & yours truley,



I apologize for not posting anything up the past few weeks or should i say month! school has taken over and so has work but i will have a break in about 2 weeks and then go back to school again which sucks ,but i will be graduating with a Bachelors in Fashion next summer! hopefully if everything goes well...well ill be back guys! love you's  



Just plain filthy EXPENSIVE!! is what Jwoww's new clothing line is..wouldn't you expect a jersey girl to create designs affordable to her clientele that being girls who would actually wear these kinds of clothes because of course i don't imagine any other kind of person who CAN afford these types of clothes to wear this anyway! when they can just grab their own lingerie from their closet and wear it to the beach..i mean I'm just saying.
You can check her website out yourself  Here! and comment back!

--Can you imagine this dress below is $450 & the bikini is $128

trendy much!

1. Cropped tops- buy them or make them yourselves they come in different colors and several types of fabric. Ive seen many girls wear these to even out their high waisted skirts or  with pulled up patterned leggings and as daring as just wearing some tight skinny jeans with your cropped tops and pumps.

2.Lace- it has come back for those who loved lace back in the 80's .. it is everywhere NOW and right in your face see through every where.Where it on a daring night out like to a club.

3.Jeggings- or however you want to call these things that are jeans with a whole load of spandex! you got to have at least one in you closet this season i have a feeling it will be a staple for the fall and expect new unique patterned ones to come out soon!



once again i suck! im sick in the summer and I've abandoned you guys! fml x 100..but ill be back ;) pinky promise no cross counts



Babies are freaking adorable i love them& they make me happy! but i'm to young to have one now so here are some of my baby pics so you guys can laugh at me haha, since i have no time to post anything else , i have to study for finals and write a research paper on fingerprints! mind you i'm a fashion major.Any who hope you guys can probably post some of you baby pics id love to see them.. 
Next post =  a bohemian hair do:)



Alright so while i'm doing some fashion homework ill post some songs new and old that i love at the moment.

1. You lost me-Christina Aguilera
2. Ready for love- Indie Arie
3. California Girls- Katy Perry ft Snoop Dog
4. I hate boys- Christina Aguilera
5. Billionaire- Travis McCoy
6. Fireworks- Drake ft Alicia Keys
7. Black Roses- Trey Songz
8. Woohoo- Christina Aguilera ft. Nicki Minaj
9. Stronger Than Ever- Christina Aguilera
10. Break Your Heart(remix)- Taio Cruz ft Ludacris



free time=sketch time!

-So i usually don't have all the time in the world but recently i have and i've been trying to finish my book lovers&players by Jackie Collins which is so good i just have slacked off and didn't read it for about a week and a half so I'm trying ti catch up I'm already half way! anyways i did a few more sketches hope you guys like..enjoy your weekend..ill probably be doing a hair or nail tutorial next post so be on the look out ;)
1. Bow to me
2. Loveset



I'LL BE BACK!! (Arnold Schwarzenegger voice :))



Writing this post listening to :
Fireworks- Drake ft Alicia Keys

So if you guys read my posts' you should now that i one day dream of becoming a visual merchandiser for a famous retail store,someday;someday,but i love being creative, doing & showing you guys new things as well..like some of my sketching- I've never really had the time to perfect my drawings that i usually draw at the top of my head but today i decided to try and do that with the so much free time i have haha,but i went on you tube and searched it and this was the result of it:

I could of course use some practice but this is much more for fun than seriousness! but this dress is called "Neopolitan"inspired by icecream.yum hope you guys like it..i may do a tutorial on sketching if you guys like..just comment below :)


So yes im a facebooker and i love becoming a fan of everything lol here are a few funny ones! 

Some of my fav LOL,j.k pages

comment with your favs! or the ones you have joined that aren't mentioned!


Thrifty Finds

So  like about a month ago.. haha yes im behind.. i went thrift store shopping while my mom was waiting for my sister to get blood work done,since its right down stairs. I really wanted to get a new book so i found Jackie Collins' "Lovers & Players" and so far its really good..so if you like juicy gossip books i really recommend it.--i forgot to mention it was even signed by her, but to "Pat" whoever that is && it was just $3.00... i also found a cute vintage purse for just $2 and a leopard trench coat for $6.. I could've gotten so much more i just didn't want to surprise my mom with so many things when i told her i was just going to "look" because she thinks i have a serious shopping problem but i mean its not like im spending $300 on one thing ..well while were on the topic of spending a whole load of money on one thing i even found this LV purse at the thrift store for $50 which is not bad at all ,,i would have bought it i just didn't have the money at the moment..but whoever did was really lucky..

the word "impossible" itself says im' possible

 5 Things i would love to ... if they weren't impossible!

1. fly
2. touch a fluffy cloud
3. win the lottery
4. date Travis McCoy
5. read peoples minds


Somthing Different

i need to change something and i don't know what. Life is so umph' at times that i wish i can just have a whole day to think about. BUT I NEED CHANGE. some way some how. im thinking of dying my hair dirty blonde, getting my nose re pierced,probably a new tattoo, bleaching my teeth, buying a professional camera and taking a picture of everything that inspires me, buying a car,making you tube videos...omg just so much i want to do..i don't even know if i have yet to find and figure out myself, . then again i don't know if im going through a phase that every 2o year old goes through when it hits that point that you really don't know who the hell you are..or where you're going  from here! or maybe im just late and this "phase" was suppose to happen like 5 years ago...i really don't know.


Cherry Blossom Nail Tutorial

Inspired by: Bargain Princess

haha i somewhat messed up but next time it would be better..give it a try


I want it BAD.


It was love at first scent


TAG! im it ;)

So i just finished reading My Laurie pu's blog and she tagged me to do this questionnaire which looks like so much fun! HERE I GO ♥ ...

What is your current obsession? 

 My current obsession right now would definitely have to be watching You Tube videos about these makeup,fashion ,& DIY gurus who show you tons of creative make up tips,latest fashion trends, and even how to make your own earring holder!!

check these out: 

  What's for dinner?

Spaghetti and salad my FAVORITE!! ..i swear i really wish i was Italian i could eat pasta all day
and lasagna.


What's the last thing you bought? 

 Last thing i bought was a coral colored pashima scarf and a Japanese inspired royal blue change wallet both for $3 dollars in NY

What are you listening to right now? 

Well  i love listening to classic salsa and dancing to it at the same time: playing right now is, "Vivir lo Nuestro" by Marc Anthony and India.


If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?

 I should take advantage of this question and say i would go to Japan just because my brother is stationed there right now and im so jealous he gets the experience of a lifetime! but i would love to visit him and be the best annoying sister that i am!


What's your favorite quote (for now)? 

ahh! i have a lot of fav. quotes but recently this motivated me a lot :  
Nothing is impossible,the word itself says "I'm possible"! -Audrey Hepburn

What's your favorite piece of clothing in your own wardrobe? 

 Oh god this is torture haha! i love everything in my wardrobe for a special  reason but my favorite piece would have to be this chiffon dress by H&M.and yes for only $10!(i have yet to wear it)

 What's your dream job? 

This is easy!! my dream job is to become a visual merchandiser for either Forever 21, H&M, or even Macy's. I love being creative,coming up with ideas ,and displaying them to the world.

What's your worst habit?

 Worst habit? well i have a few.. here i go:

1. Biting my nails

2. Being a neat freak! takes up most of my time.
3. Queen of procrastination when it comes to school work!

 Do you admire any ones style? 

This blogger over here -> DulceCandy

 Describe your personal style? 

My personal style i would def. have to say im very girley; florals ,pink,black, stripes: i love wearing dresses and skirts and all that cute stuff! headbands and simple accessories at times &; i love every trend every style i usually try to switch here and there to my personal way of wearing it.

What are your favorite movies?

My favorite movie of course everybody say it with me "The Notebook". That's like every romantics favorite movie but i also love "UP" .. i just want to squeeze that little chubby kid

What inspires you? 

Everyday Everything, inspires me just simple things like walking down the street: looking at displays, street style,someone reading a book I've never heard before ,photography,blogs!

What's your favorite book?

Favorite book i would say is "Can You Keep a Secret" by Sophie Kinsella

 Do you collect something?

OH god yess!!..I love headbands! i have a little over 10 ! i collect several types of jewelry that attract me i don't even have space to put them anywhere so i made holes in my walls with thumb tacks and hung my necklaces and bought 3 earring holders..my room looks more like a store(That's what my 10 year old sister calls is "Somayah's Store" ) haha!

What do you like most about yourself?

How I'm so random at times and always think the weirdest things.

What's your go-to nail polish color? 

Well it has to be OPI's "you're such a kabuki queen" & "Dutch Tulips