once again i suck! im sick in the summer and I've abandoned you guys! fml x 100..but ill be back ;) pinky promise no cross counts



Babies are freaking adorable i love them& they make me happy! but i'm to young to have one now so here are some of my baby pics so you guys can laugh at me haha, since i have no time to post anything else , i have to study for finals and write a research paper on fingerprints! mind you i'm a fashion major.Any who hope you guys can probably post some of you baby pics id love to see them.. 
Next post =  a bohemian hair do:)



Alright so while i'm doing some fashion homework ill post some songs new and old that i love at the moment.

1. You lost me-Christina Aguilera
2. Ready for love- Indie Arie
3. California Girls- Katy Perry ft Snoop Dog
4. I hate boys- Christina Aguilera
5. Billionaire- Travis McCoy
6. Fireworks- Drake ft Alicia Keys
7. Black Roses- Trey Songz
8. Woohoo- Christina Aguilera ft. Nicki Minaj
9. Stronger Than Ever- Christina Aguilera
10. Break Your Heart(remix)- Taio Cruz ft Ludacris



free time=sketch time!

-So i usually don't have all the time in the world but recently i have and i've been trying to finish my book lovers&players by Jackie Collins which is so good i just have slacked off and didn't read it for about a week and a half so I'm trying ti catch up I'm already half way! anyways i did a few more sketches hope you guys like..enjoy your weekend..ill probably be doing a hair or nail tutorial next post so be on the look out ;)
1. Bow to me
2. Loveset



I'LL BE BACK!! (Arnold Schwarzenegger voice :))



Writing this post listening to :
Fireworks- Drake ft Alicia Keys

So if you guys read my posts' you should now that i one day dream of becoming a visual merchandiser for a famous retail store,someday;someday,but i love being creative, doing & showing you guys new things as well..like some of my sketching- I've never really had the time to perfect my drawings that i usually draw at the top of my head but today i decided to try and do that with the so much free time i have haha,but i went on you tube and searched it and this was the result of it:

I could of course use some practice but this is much more for fun than seriousness! but this dress is called "Neopolitan"inspired by icecream.yum hope you guys like it..i may do a tutorial on sketching if you guys like..just comment below :)


So yes im a facebooker and i love becoming a fan of everything lol here are a few funny ones! 

Some of my fav LOL,j.k pages

comment with your favs! or the ones you have joined that aren't mentioned!


Thrifty Finds

So  like about a month ago.. haha yes im behind.. i went thrift store shopping while my mom was waiting for my sister to get blood work done,since its right down stairs. I really wanted to get a new book so i found Jackie Collins' "Lovers & Players" and so far its really good..so if you like juicy gossip books i really recommend it.--i forgot to mention it was even signed by her, but to "Pat" whoever that is && it was just $3.00... i also found a cute vintage purse for just $2 and a leopard trench coat for $6.. I could've gotten so much more i just didn't want to surprise my mom with so many things when i told her i was just going to "look" because she thinks i have a serious shopping problem but i mean its not like im spending $300 on one thing ..well while were on the topic of spending a whole load of money on one thing i even found this LV purse at the thrift store for $50 which is not bad at all ,,i would have bought it i just didn't have the money at the moment..but whoever did was really lucky..

the word "impossible" itself says im' possible

 5 Things i would love to ... if they weren't impossible!

1. fly
2. touch a fluffy cloud
3. win the lottery
4. date Travis McCoy
5. read peoples minds