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Suit Yourself

Well Well Well, another snow storm another blog about a spring trend to remind me of the lovely weather about to come..sucks if your living in the tri state area because your basically forced to stay in your house all day! but any who ROMPERS & JUMPSUITS are playing it big this spring/summer. Exciting is the word. ive always wanted this style to come back ever since i remember j lo wearing those form fitting jean jumpsuits but instead not in a jean fabric but a more softer and loose fitting some what jersey knit ,but yes don't get me wrong the jean trend is in and if you can rock the jean jumpsuits like Rihanna and Jlo then go right ahead.
Now there isn't just one certain kind of jumpsuit/romper the trend varies from very tailored to very loose and flowy and then very sporty.

** i am def. planning on wearing this trend but of course searching for better finds online like Forever 21 & Charlotte Russe click links to view what i found!!!

 For more tips and tricks on how to wear these rompers and jumpsuits this spring click here Link

  • Tailored  
    • Loose & Flowing
    • Sporty                                                                                   



      So ladies sorry i haven't posted like practically nothing this week(yea BECAUSE you know i live a busy life)--Sarcasm. Yes i am a BIG procrastinator!! Any who this whole week to me has been about confidence and believing your beautiful inside and out. I was watching the Tyra Banks Show and she was talking about her BIO campaign which means Beauty Inside and Out and how ladies should embrace their flaws, Find something you don't like about yourself and make it a positive.ME! i really don't like my nose i feel like it sticks out just like my dads but you know what its OK because obviously it makes me ME! Ive learned to accept it and im fine with that. A lot of young women today are hit with these perfect images of beautiful women and all they see is this one image that an attractive women should have a small waist,big boobs,long legs,big almond eyes,soft hair,perfect bone structure etc.. i can seriously go one forever, but the only women that i know that actually has these features is BARBIE and guess what? shes not real!!
      __Really guys what you have to do is embrace every part of your body and stop complaining about everything because there is always that person who has it even worse than you,your complaining about being over weight by just 3 pounds really? There's people out there who weigh 500 to 600 pounds,your complaining about your curly curly hair or pin straight hair there's people out there who don't have hair at all. Ive complained about half of these things and every time i feel like im about to complain about something i always remind my self that there's people out there who don't have and wish they did have with what i have been blessed with.
      This is becoming a huge blog but its just sad what society has pressured these women and young girls to look like,i really hate that my sister has to be raised in a world with all these images and falseness that doesn't really exist.
      Another thing++++ there is a big difference between wanting to lose weight because you feel your fat and getting healthy and toned because you want to feel good. Getting fit is something that makes you feel good and energized and healthy, starving your self is not making your stomach or mind healthy REMEMBER THAT!!

      SO YES guys because we should all embrace our natural beauty i took a picture without makeup and we all should because that is when we are truly bee-you-tee-full -Dropdeadgorjusz ♥


      Distress Yourself !

      So besides this snow on the eastern side of the united states i have made myself get over it by literally fantasizing about my outfits for spring 2010.. really who does that? and no spring outfit will be complete without wonderful distressed jeans,boyfriends jeans,boyfriend shorts,bermudas,jeanjackets..you name it! Really the only time i like the word "STRESS" is in my wardrobe.
      **My mom thinks whats the point in wasting so much money in jeans when you can literally make them yourself: so i have.All you need is a box cutter and other simple materails like rocks,toothbrushes,scissors. Whatever you can find that will make your jeans rip or fade will work just as well. You can even grab bleach and put in a clean spray bottle and spray it all over your jeans but make sure you dont do it on your carpet or while wearing your fav. outfit. && if you dont want to mess up any of your jeans just go to a local thrift store and go to the mens section or even young boys and find yourself a pair of jeans that sit right on your waist but baggy when it gets to your thighs also dont worry if its to big distressed jeans look even better with a belt.


      Alexander McQueen! NOO!

      WHY WHY WHY?? Alexander McQueen. Really was the most out there outrageous crazy and inspiring designer. To fans from Lady Gaga, Kate Moss,Sara Jessica Parker,Victoria Beckham and many more. He really was so creative and successful with his futuristic style and crazy designer shoes. AMAZING AND NEVER FORGOTTEN //=(


      Yummy Jewlery!

      It has literally been snowing in New Jersey for the past 24 hours seriously since 10pm yesterday when i got out of work till 10pm now! yes wow but any who my boredomness and creativity have made a good match for these wonderful non-edible treats well i wish i could eat them. So YouTube has been my god for the past year and ive learned to do basically anything including these adorable treats! They are made with bakeable clay that you mold and put in the oven for 15min and TADA! =YUMMY cupcakes,fruit treats,pies,ice cream etc..

      -- REALLY, i apologize for the bad quality in these pics they're from my phone well what can i do when i have no camera(in which i am currently investing on)but yes hope these treats can be somthing you guys look into doing as well they're really easy to make which just a scarce amount of supplies bought at AC MOORE OR MICHAEL'S.These are just a couple of things i made:


      Ahoy mate!

      Spring '10 is almost here girly's and you know what that means?
      --no more cold nights
      --no more snow
      --no more hibernating
      yesssss.. but it also means new spring trends which i am dying to wear.
      The first spring trend for today is the nautical trend which are the blue red and white patriotic and sailor inspired style. ah hoy! here are just some pictures i picked up that inspire this look.

      1. a lot of red white and royal blue
      2. stripes
      3. anchor designs
      4. military gold buttons
      5. rope designs
      6. royal blue and white blazors
      7. wedges

      TIPS: you don't necessarily have to wear red white and blue to pull of this look you can always wear or royal blue dress with either white heels for the day and leave the red alone or sexy red heels for the night and leave the white alone. sometimes wearing the 3 colors makes you give out the trend try and keep people guessing,,you know what i mean?

      TIPS: If your very casual you can always go for a striped blue and white razor back some distressed boyfriend jeans and some ropey sandals! how cute would that be?

      TIPS: some great staples to always pull of this look would be a striped shirt,white pants or jeans, and anything red that being a big red purse, red flats, or even red nail polish.



      I just really want to dedicate this blog to one of my closets friends that i ever have had since first grade, Tiffany, tomorrow will be a month since she passed away and i just still cant seem to take hold of what has happened.I really wish we would've been close to how we were in elementary school. You were so beautiful,sarcastic and of course impatient but that's what made you,YOU. Its so hard to think that your actually gone and it hurts so much to know how much we drifted away but i know i will be able to see you again soon. You really were an amazing and hilarious person and you would laugh at all my corny jokes which i loved and just like i nicknamed you pearls you were reallly one in the rough. RIP beautiful we all miss you and love you ♥