Ok this time its Foreal!

Hey guys, so im sort of back! and not because " i'm trapped here i my house due to the snow blizzard that totally put us in a state of emergency!!!!" but because i missed you guys, i truly did and i'm going to begin this blog with my New Years Resolutions!

 number one being: POST MORE OFTEN!!! , yes i slack but hopefully i fulfill this promise!
2. Be more confident, by that meaning stop trying to act a certain way  or  not act myself at times so people can like me and be myself and only myself !
3. pursue my photography hobby that i've been dying to do but work and school always get in the way..well this time it wont and ill do it because i love it!
4. Be more fashionable and BOLD!...im a fashion major and at times i dress according to trends but for 2011 i really want to dress as my own unique style..more like "screw trends im going to wear whatever i feel like it OKAY!"....and wear things i wouldn't normally wear or wouldn't be confident to wear which falls under  goal #2.

So those are my top 4....last year i didn't really have any besides working out,(which of course never happens)...but i'm going to keep it simple for myself and hopefully i get to accomplish these wonderful goals....im excited for the new year and hopefully it doesn't fly by just like this year
- Love you guys & yours truley,



I apologize for not posting anything up the past few weeks or should i say month! school has taken over and so has work but i will have a break in about 2 weeks and then go back to school again which sucks ,but i will be graduating with a Bachelors in Fashion next summer! hopefully if everything goes well...well ill be back guys! love you's  



Just plain filthy EXPENSIVE!! is what Jwoww's new clothing line is..wouldn't you expect a jersey girl to create designs affordable to her clientele that being girls who would actually wear these kinds of clothes because of course i don't imagine any other kind of person who CAN afford these types of clothes to wear this anyway! when they can just grab their own lingerie from their closet and wear it to the beach..i mean I'm just saying.
You can check her website out yourself  Here! and comment back!

--Can you imagine this dress below is $450 & the bikini is $128

trendy much!

1. Cropped tops- buy them or make them yourselves they come in different colors and several types of fabric. Ive seen many girls wear these to even out their high waisted skirts or  with pulled up patterned leggings and as daring as just wearing some tight skinny jeans with your cropped tops and pumps.

2.Lace- it has come back for those who loved lace back in the 80's .. it is everywhere NOW and right in your face see through every where.Where it on a daring night out like to a club.

3.Jeggings- or however you want to call these things that are jeans with a whole load of spandex! you got to have at least one in you closet this season i have a feeling it will be a staple for the fall and expect new unique patterned ones to come out soon!



once again i suck! im sick in the summer and I've abandoned you guys! fml x 100..but ill be back ;) pinky promise no cross counts



Babies are freaking adorable i love them& they make me happy! but i'm to young to have one now so here are some of my baby pics so you guys can laugh at me haha, since i have no time to post anything else , i have to study for finals and write a research paper on fingerprints! mind you i'm a fashion major.Any who hope you guys can probably post some of you baby pics id love to see them.. 
Next post =  a bohemian hair do:)



Alright so while i'm doing some fashion homework ill post some songs new and old that i love at the moment.

1. You lost me-Christina Aguilera
2. Ready for love- Indie Arie
3. California Girls- Katy Perry ft Snoop Dog
4. I hate boys- Christina Aguilera
5. Billionaire- Travis McCoy
6. Fireworks- Drake ft Alicia Keys
7. Black Roses- Trey Songz
8. Woohoo- Christina Aguilera ft. Nicki Minaj
9. Stronger Than Ever- Christina Aguilera
10. Break Your Heart(remix)- Taio Cruz ft Ludacris