Somthing Different

i need to change something and i don't know what. Life is so umph' at times that i wish i can just have a whole day to think about. BUT I NEED CHANGE. some way some how. im thinking of dying my hair dirty blonde, getting my nose re pierced,probably a new tattoo, bleaching my teeth, buying a professional camera and taking a picture of everything that inspires me, buying a car,making you tube videos...omg just so much i want to do..i don't even know if i have yet to find and figure out myself, . then again i don't know if im going through a phase that every 2o year old goes through when it hits that point that you really don't know who the hell you are..or where you're going  from here! or maybe im just late and this "phase" was suppose to happen like 5 years ago...i really don't know.


Samantha said...

I love your blog! Your beautiful(: I think you should get your nose pierced! I had it pierce before didnt hurt at all! Well i like the pain lol weird huh!?

Im soo following your blog, follow mine!? You'll love it!


Carla said...

I love your blog!


Redhead in Law

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