Just plain filthy EXPENSIVE!! is what Jwoww's new clothing line is..wouldn't you expect a jersey girl to create designs affordable to her clientele that being girls who would actually wear these kinds of clothes because of course i don't imagine any other kind of person who CAN afford these types of clothes to wear this anyway! when they can just grab their own lingerie from their closet and wear it to the beach..i mean I'm just saying.
You can check her website out yourself  Here! and comment back!

--Can you imagine this dress below is $450 & the bikini is $128


TiffanyMonet said...

I'm sorry but you can buy those clothes at the "Chino" stores for alot less.. Who does s"JWOW" think she is??!!!


dropdeadgorjusz.blogspot.com said...

lol SERIOUSLY! i think they're like buy one get one free!

Fashion-rocks said...

cute dress.


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