& he's GAY ..now lets move on


So we all apparently by now know that Ricky Martin has come out of the closet!..Yet i don't know why it is such a surprise to people: i mean yes he is hot...well now that i look at his picture wow he really is fine!!..Maybe that's why people didn't want to believe he was gay because he is gorgeous and expect a gorgeous man to marry a gorgeous supermodel,actress,singer etc,. well that wasn't the case, i mean i kind of knew he was gay when he decided to have kids with a surrogate mother,which is may i say kind of weird to me because why wouldnt he just meet a women and want to have kids with her like cmon now! After that i didnt worry much about him rather then the obvious, but today was more of a finally! to me and to 95% percent of the world and sorry for the other 5% who are still shocked.
These are a couple of words he posted on his site:
“Writing this is a solid step towards my inner peace and vital part of my evolution,” he writes. “I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am.”

Really im just happy for him that he could finally be himself and love himself for who he is and let it be known to the world!
**but i am sad that this is another man us women have to lose hope on ever getting a chance to marry.
 may i just dedicate this blog to all those fine gay men out there (sigh**)

______what do you think? i mean did we all have it coming? Comment Below


Waiting in my closet

-So remember when i said that i was going to do a huge haul for everything Ive been buying for this spring well i decided that instead i would take a couple of pictures of the things that fit into categorys for this seasons trend.I know Ive talked about some of these trends before but i just want to show examples of what i found myself through out sales and what i still had in my closet before.

The first Nautical :
  Now all these pictures were taken on my phone so sorry for the bad quality,again these items are inspiring the spring trend of that nautical look,i suppose some of you guys can use these as examples..now i know there is a lot of blue so instead of wearing regular blue jeans with the sweaters and shirts posted i would wear white jeans or a light wash pair of boyfriend jeans. Notice also how most of the accessories are red, i don't have to much red in my closet (NOT AT ALL!!)but as for accessories i do. I didn't take a picture of everything in my closet ,but id figured you guys would get the point with all this red white and blue!

**Charlotte Russe :
Navy Marine Dress : $20.00 (on sale)
Navy Knitted Sweater :$14.99 (on sale)
Stripped Blue Sweater:  around $12.99-$18.99
Floral Sleeveless Top: around $9.99 (on sale)
Red Flats (Left): around $8.99 (on sale)

**(Other) :
Blue Bow: $1.00 at Kid City
Stripped Sunglasses: 2 for $10.00 at Jimmy Jazz
Red Flats on Right: $6.99 at A-Destination
Strawberry Studded Chain: around $12.00 at Afaze
Polka-dot Heart Earrings: around $7.00 at Afaze
Bow Earrings: Buy one get one free around $ 2.99 at Aldo


Days of her life.

So i just got back from work today or should i say tonight because its about 11:19pm and these past days,weeks,months i have had so much on my mind & basically i feel like i need some venting to feel better. school is stressful like always and for those of you who are students probably feel the same way. sometimes its not even the work but the money,i mean i was not born rich and raised in a family where i was given everything,well my mom and dad did try and give me and my brother everything they could but i was taught that at times i could not have everything!!! i wanted. At times im glad i was raised that way just because it taught me the value of money and how to use it wisely. Not just that but it also taught me how to not be so needy and greedy,you know what i mean, i have alot of friends who are handed everything and have no care in the world about others around them who are less fortunate then them,its sad it really is. Even if i don't have the amount of money i would want to have, or the fabulous life i would like to live i always think about those around me and myself,and question, how would i be if i wasn't raised like this? how different would my life be?

I know my mom tries hard and so does my dad at times even if hes not always there.(i will explain that story another day lol) ,well yes my mom, has inspired me so much to try and succeed with everything i do without saying one word. i see how she struggles everyday at work,working a full time shift getting paid nothing but minimum wage is so unacceptable to me. At times i hate letting her see me struggle because  hate seeing her struggle& i hate asking her for any money at all.
Going to school may be rough for me, tiring and exhausting , but my mothers struggle always pushes me,pushes me to succeed so that one day she wouldn't have to work so damn hard and wouldnt have to worry about me.
Even though i have to struggle my self everyday,commute 45 min from home to school,work,nobody said it would be easy,not even my mom, She knows it hard ,i know life is hard,tough,difficult however you want to put it: but we got to deal with it w.e comes our way good or bad its a lesson you learn on purpose that either makes you a better person or changes you just a bit. life is life and its beautiful.

                                                                                                         Your Truley,


Can it be true??

Rumors are swirling around that Beyonce might be EXPECTING! ...what! yea thats what i said.
++ i actually feel that its about time these two have a child i mean cmon, shes beautiful with such talent and her husband Jay-Z ,don't even get me started, but anyways i mean how talented would that baby be..boy or girl or twins!!omg.. that baby is sure one lucky kid.well if she is congrats B and J.

** comment and tell me what you think if these rumors are actually true and what would you think she would like to have a boy or a girl!?


 i apologize..but if your a full time college student and have a part time job and have a boyfriend which is like another job ...you might understand.
So today i just officially finished my last final that i had to take this week..well today.. and im so happy seriously i didn't know how much longer i could take waking up at 5 am to be ready by 6 am to get to school before 8...uggh! and whats more ughh! was that it was for a dumb%^$^** managerial accounting class! yess how BORING, i seriously wanted to blow my brains out but i don't even know how the hell i made it! yess i made it and now im here blog LOVING..HAHA well now that im back and have a free week off after i go back to schoool..which let me tell you guys... that im finally going to  spend this semester in NY yay! sooper excited i don't know why i never thought of going to school in NY since its like 5 minutes away from where i live instead of paramus which is 45 min away..i make dumb decisions and realize after how dumb they were..dont you do that too? please tell me you do so i dont look really dumb right now
*** soo yea im like skipping topics every 5 seconds here because i have so much to talk about CMON!
+++ anywho yes so other than that i have bought so much spring clothes and matter a fact in a few hours im about to go shopping once again before i go into work because im really bored but my limit is only $50.
&&&&& i also got a new phone better than the crappy one i have that takes somewhat better pictures but i will def. try and post a huuuuuuggggee collective haul of everything that inspires spring to me and then everything from fall that can be including in your spring wardrobe plus accessories and bla bla bla

On friday while i'll be unfortunately doing laundry i might pass by CVS and buy some Revlon or Covergirl berry colored lipsticks that i can rock this spring...im excited(big cheesy smile + clapping hands)


"I told you she didnt have a dick"

How much more hotter can Miss Gaga and Honey B get? seriously.


Wendy Williams Show

So guess where i went today!! DUH its in the title ..well yea i went to watch a live recording of The Wendy Williams Show and can i tell you how gorgeous she is. If most of you don't know her she used to have her own radio talk show but now has her own TV talk show and is doing so great with her famous saying "How You Doing?". Molly Ringwald was there from the movie "The Breakfast Club" and "Sixteen Candles", 80's baby! and she is absolutely beautiful. They also spoke about spring trends like military wear,pastels, harem pants, florals ect ect ect...Overall it was a great experiance and i dragged my boyfriend along but he loved it haha!
Have you ever been to a show and where? Comment below guys♥


First blog award what?!

I am so excited to say that THIS is my 1st blog award ever!
Given to me by miss lovely Hope Chella ,really she is an amazing blogger who posts amazing pictures on her blog ,,i mean AMAZING! :

 I can go on forever with these pictures seriously "i want to save all of them!!!"
but anyways here is who i pass this award to:
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One floral at a time

Spring is almost in the air approximately 15 days to be exact! ahh!
Spring trend #3-FLORALS

When isn't florals in? i admit i am such a girlie girl and i love things that are pink,purple and have flowers all over but who doesn't seriously, this trend wont be something ill be looking for hard in stores because i already have enough florals in my closet but a girl can never have enough of anything! (at least i THINK) &;; This trend not only can be played around with clothes but even shoes,handbags,jewelry, scarves etc.. you name it even umbrellas since you know April showers bring May flowers you want to spread the trend anyway possible"you know what i mean jelly beans ;)" :: I went online and made some collages from Charlotte Russe & Forever 21 that include items revolving this trend, also check out H&M and their new "The Garden" line which includes a variety of sophisticated floral patterns.

                                              Forever 21
  Charlotte Russe