Ok this time its Foreal!

Hey guys, so im sort of back! and not because " i'm trapped here i my house due to the snow blizzard that totally put us in a state of emergency!!!!" but because i missed you guys, i truly did and i'm going to begin this blog with my New Years Resolutions!

 number one being: POST MORE OFTEN!!! , yes i slack but hopefully i fulfill this promise!
2. Be more confident, by that meaning stop trying to act a certain way  or  not act myself at times so people can like me and be myself and only myself !
3. pursue my photography hobby that i've been dying to do but work and school always get in the way..well this time it wont and ill do it because i love it!
4. Be more fashionable and BOLD!...im a fashion major and at times i dress according to trends but for 2011 i really want to dress as my own unique style..more like "screw trends im going to wear whatever i feel like it OKAY!"....and wear things i wouldn't normally wear or wouldn't be confident to wear which falls under  goal #2.

So those are my top 4....last year i didn't really have any besides working out,(which of course never happens)...but i'm going to keep it simple for myself and hopefully i get to accomplish these wonderful goals....im excited for the new year and hopefully it doesn't fly by just like this year
- Love you guys & yours truley,


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