I want it BAD.


It was love at first scent


TAG! im it ;)

So i just finished reading My Laurie pu's blog and she tagged me to do this questionnaire which looks like so much fun! HERE I GO ♥ ...

What is your current obsession? 

 My current obsession right now would definitely have to be watching You Tube videos about these makeup,fashion ,& DIY gurus who show you tons of creative make up tips,latest fashion trends, and even how to make your own earring holder!!

check these out: 

  What's for dinner?

Spaghetti and salad my FAVORITE!! ..i swear i really wish i was Italian i could eat pasta all day
and lasagna.


What's the last thing you bought? 

 Last thing i bought was a coral colored pashima scarf and a Japanese inspired royal blue change wallet both for $3 dollars in NY

What are you listening to right now? 

Well  i love listening to classic salsa and dancing to it at the same time: playing right now is, "Vivir lo Nuestro" by Marc Anthony and India.


If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?

 I should take advantage of this question and say i would go to Japan just because my brother is stationed there right now and im so jealous he gets the experience of a lifetime! but i would love to visit him and be the best annoying sister that i am!


What's your favorite quote (for now)? 

ahh! i have a lot of fav. quotes but recently this motivated me a lot :  
Nothing is impossible,the word itself says "I'm possible"! -Audrey Hepburn

What's your favorite piece of clothing in your own wardrobe? 

 Oh god this is torture haha! i love everything in my wardrobe for a special  reason but my favorite piece would have to be this chiffon dress by H&M.and yes for only $10!(i have yet to wear it)

 What's your dream job? 

This is easy!! my dream job is to become a visual merchandiser for either Forever 21, H&M, or even Macy's. I love being creative,coming up with ideas ,and displaying them to the world.

What's your worst habit?

 Worst habit? well i have a few.. here i go:

1. Biting my nails

2. Being a neat freak! takes up most of my time.
3. Queen of procrastination when it comes to school work!

 Do you admire any ones style? 

This blogger over here -> DulceCandy

 Describe your personal style? 

My personal style i would def. have to say im very girley; florals ,pink,black, stripes: i love wearing dresses and skirts and all that cute stuff! headbands and simple accessories at times &; i love every trend every style i usually try to switch here and there to my personal way of wearing it.

What are your favorite movies?

My favorite movie of course everybody say it with me "The Notebook". That's like every romantics favorite movie but i also love "UP" .. i just want to squeeze that little chubby kid

What inspires you? 

Everyday Everything, inspires me just simple things like walking down the street: looking at displays, street style,someone reading a book I've never heard before ,photography,blogs!

What's your favorite book?

Favorite book i would say is "Can You Keep a Secret" by Sophie Kinsella

 Do you collect something?

OH god yess!!..I love headbands! i have a little over 10 ! i collect several types of jewelry that attract me i don't even have space to put them anywhere so i made holes in my walls with thumb tacks and hung my necklaces and bought 3 earring holders..my room looks more like a store(That's what my 10 year old sister calls is "Somayah's Store" ) haha!

What do you like most about yourself?

How I'm so random at times and always think the weirdest things.

What's your go-to nail polish color? 

Well it has to be OPI's "you're such a kabuki queen" & "Dutch Tulips


Birthday Outfit!?

So my birthday is coming up 12 days from now and i'm turning 20!
*&%- I came up with this possible birthday outfit all from Forever 21. I love how its classy and dressy while still bringing out that bold royal blue color and that colorful bracelet. I might pick a pair of different shoes like a nude pump or something but these gorgeous black gold studded heels are to die for.

** So tell me what you think guys? comment below loves♥


Ramble Ramble.

So let me just say these past few days ive been uh..... up to nothing. Absolutely .nothing.
** well for some uplifting news..well for me ..my BIRHTDAY is coming and im finally going to be 20! yes the teenage years are over! well sort of i still have a week to act reckless and immature and have such a good excuse to back it up :)
-- ive been thinking of a lot of change from dying my hair blonde to cutting my bangs in a straight fringe to even getting a new tattoo! i don't know what i might do but i want something different to start off this 2nd decade of mine and im pretty excited ♥

### other than that my manager and i have been speaking about our blogs constantly and exploring about ideas to post..she is soo cute and inspiring with her homemade flowers and necklaces && did i mention she makes some BANGING cupcakes yum ;p check out her blog and follow her --> click aqui .

she even made me this beautiful flower in hot pink and purple which i plan to wear almost everyday this spring & summer. + great color block accessory.


11 things i want to do before i die

1. skydive
2. visit: Japan,Brazil or Italy
3. go to a concert(yes I've never been to one)
4. have children of course maybe just one! and name him Levi ; Ian or her Isabella ; Vida
5. be happily married
6. host a party..all on my own.
7. graduate college
8. become an incredible visual merchandiser
9. attend a fashion show hosted by a famous fashion designer!
10. own at least something by Marc Jacobs haha
***11. make photography part of my life somehow :)


"This life is the sweetest thing ive ever known"

drake is alright,maybe a 7 or 7.5 pushing it lol honestly what do you think?



Somtimes being simple is key! in being beautiful. When i think simple i think about the number one or the color white and sighing  ahh! and the word comfy,but then when i think ahh and comfy i picture sweats and loungy t-shirts but that's not where im going!! ..what im trying to say is that one main key in this seasons trend is to keep it simple yet classy and trendy at the same time.

Lately ive been eying Forever 21, Charlotte Russe , and H&M and seeing that very simple yet chic look all around. Im talking about the plain wife beaters with chains or sequins etc..

This you can dress up dress down and still look like you took more than 10 min to get ready! these plain shirts actually have become my best friend whenever i have no idea what to wear. One big trend ive spotted are pockets pockets pockets which make a simple shirt not so simple, either the pocket is abnormally small,big ,or detailed. my fav. thing about these are that they range from $5-$15 for 2 pairs of shirts or one.

ell-oh-vee-e NY

I truly abandoned you guys!! im soo sorrryy but during my spring break i just wanted to relax and just do completely nothing with my life..yes nothing ! i was so stressed my period even skipped a month..yes that stressFULL!
--Well now im back at school and as you all know im in NY for most of my classes and it is just fabulous. Every corner you turn in NY is like a new adventure and at times i feel like such a tourist roaming around but i  love it..i usually just sit and stare at people's sense of fashion, look around and see what people do when they're bored..(like me!) usually their reading,taking pictures, or just observing.
-- observing is what i do best and one of these days im going to grab a camera and snap some shots to show you guys what interests me in NY..either what people wear,how they act,what they do and ill even maybe take you to some famous new york places.

 To me everything is art and its all around us. That's why i love spending time in NY,just so much going on every second of the day and its such a fast pace city in which is one of the reasons i love NY because i hate slow moving people,im so type A. NY really is a place for impatient people, i mean seriously speed walking is their casual walking..  haha

well hope you enjoyed this post..have you ever been to NY? what do you think about it? comment below!!


Beautifully BAD;;