Thrifty Finds

So  like about a month ago.. haha yes im behind.. i went thrift store shopping while my mom was waiting for my sister to get blood work done,since its right down stairs. I really wanted to get a new book so i found Jackie Collins' "Lovers & Players" and so far its really good..so if you like juicy gossip books i really recommend it.--i forgot to mention it was even signed by her, but to "Pat" whoever that is && it was just $3.00... i also found a cute vintage purse for just $2 and a leopard trench coat for $6.. I could've gotten so much more i just didn't want to surprise my mom with so many things when i told her i was just going to "look" because she thinks i have a serious shopping problem but i mean its not like im spending $300 on one thing ..well while were on the topic of spending a whole load of money on one thing i even found this LV purse at the thrift store for $50 which is not bad at all ,,i would have bought it i just didn't have the money at the moment..but whoever did was really lucky..


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