OUTFIT of the day!!

This is what i wore on Friday to go to a BBQ, it was a nice light weight bubble shirt in a nice neutral color that i bought at Charlotte Russe and a nice navy color skirt kind of like a pencil skirt with flowers on the side also bought at Charlotte Russe.Now for the hair i decided to clip one end and leave the other part out which is always cuute. For jewlery i put on some stud heart earrings and a neckalce bought at Charlotte Russe as well(only the necklace) it is a flower and it has like little crystals as the petals..soo adorable. and some cute leapord flats!! ooh and by the way i burned myself on my neck doing my hair..soo becarefull and dont be dumb like me!;)


The Good Die Young ,RIP Andy.

Today was a horrible day for me,something I've never experienced and something i wished i didn't have to go through but at times through out our lives we loose someone special someone that meant the world to us, but took it for granted as if they were going to be there forever. Well today i lost a good friend a GREAT friend.Not only have a known him since first grade but he was like a big brother to me. His jokes were the funniest and his humor always brightened up my day i have so many memories with him that I'm grateful that i got to meet a person like him.,he was sweet,caring and everything a good person is made of.Not only did he brighten up my day but everyone else s and now god needed someone to make him laugh be caring and sweet with. Its hard and something like this really changes your mentality and makes you take people less for granted makes you think twice about them and makes you live your life like its the last day. I will never forget my Crazy Daisy,your an angel now && i hope you watch over me your silly goose. We all miss you and love you ,RIP Andy.forever in our hearts


A dress you can wear 17 different ways! woah

So i just found a dress found at American Apparel mostly known for their comfortable clothes,tights,plain and simple(best description). So yes this dress is $41.00 ,which is something i normally wouldn't waste on a dress BUT you can wear it about 15 ways and more making me reconsider. There has been other dresses that could do this as well but most of them range from $100 to $200 and now in American Apparel it is only $41 dollars. WOOT WOOT!! It comes in about 17 colors and is made out of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. Meaning its the comfortable stretchy and form fitting kind ohh lala ;)

-Check out the video how to wear this dress in a million gazillion ways and vist American Apparel


LOVE her

So if you didn't know Marilyn Monroe is seriously an inspiration and my idol.Also known as Norma Jean Mortensen, her beauty,confidence, and sex appeal are just beautiful. I have read books about her with her past and growing up and it made me look at her in a much deeper way and not just as a sex symbol. I read how when she was much younger she didn't have as much confidence but when she started modeling,acting and singing and people were portraying her as a sex symbol ,which she didn't like and was used to. Even if people think she was a gold digger or w.e i still love her.Well i just wish she would have lived longer so i could have met her.

-People had a habit of looking at me as if I were some kind of mirror instead of a person. They didn't see me, they saw their own lewd thoughts, then they white-masked themselves by calling me the lewd one.-Marilyn Monroe<3
&& this is a picture i took of a portrait in NY that my boyfriend spotted out, it was just absolutely gorgeous i loved it and wanted it but of course couldnt have it lol.


So I've created a Blog !?

How random? Well this is what boredom does when you have nothing else to do and you decide out of no where to create a cute blog to talk about everything and anything that you normally or wished you spoke about.Umm i hope this works out guys because Ive seen a variety of different kinds of blogs and i get inspired easily..soo here i am ha ha.Well i hope who ever sees my blog enjoys it. It would mostly be about FASHION because that is what i ell-oh-vee-e. Any who as well as tips on make up and where to get the greatest clothes at the greatest price.OOH LALA.Well let me cut this blog short and make a new one where i can rant about myself till forever ;).DID I MENTION IM SARCASTIC. peace with cream cheese