i apologize..but if your a full time college student and have a part time job and have a boyfriend which is like another job ...you might understand.
So today i just officially finished my last final that i had to take this week..well today.. and im so happy seriously i didn't know how much longer i could take waking up at 5 am to be ready by 6 am to get to school before 8...uggh! and whats more ughh! was that it was for a dumb%^$^** managerial accounting class! yess how BORING, i seriously wanted to blow my brains out but i don't even know how the hell i made it! yess i made it and now im here blog LOVING..HAHA well now that im back and have a free week off after i go back to schoool..which let me tell you guys... that im finally going to  spend this semester in NY yay! sooper excited i don't know why i never thought of going to school in NY since its like 5 minutes away from where i live instead of paramus which is 45 min away..i make dumb decisions and realize after how dumb they were..dont you do that too? please tell me you do so i dont look really dumb right now
*** soo yea im like skipping topics every 5 seconds here because i have so much to talk about CMON!
+++ anywho yes so other than that i have bought so much spring clothes and matter a fact in a few hours im about to go shopping once again before i go into work because im really bored but my limit is only $50.
&&&&& i also got a new phone better than the crappy one i have that takes somewhat better pictures but i will def. try and post a huuuuuuggggee collective haul of everything that inspires spring to me and then everything from fall that can be including in your spring wardrobe plus accessories and bla bla bla

On friday while i'll be unfortunately doing laundry i might pass by CVS and buy some Revlon or Covergirl berry colored lipsticks that i can rock this spring...im excited(big cheesy smile + clapping hands)


Makeup by Kim Porter said...

Wht school will you be going to? I'm a native New Yorker (Brooklyn born & raised)


Dropdeadgorjusz said...

oo wow really i live in NJ but i dont live so far from NY. im going to be attending Berkeley College by times square..are you attending school around Manhattan also?

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