Can it be true??

Rumors are swirling around that Beyonce might be EXPECTING! ...what! yea thats what i said.
++ i actually feel that its about time these two have a child i mean cmon, shes beautiful with such talent and her husband Jay-Z ,don't even get me started, but anyways i mean how talented would that baby be..boy or girl or twins!!omg.. that baby is sure one lucky kid.well if she is congrats B and J.

** comment and tell me what you think if these rumors are actually true and what would you think she would like to have a boy or a girl!?


TiffanyMonet said...

I hope it's true!!!!! =)

Great post!


kimee said...

i honestly dont know because jay wants kids right now but bee doesnt want to mess up her body - i mean can u blame her?? lol but i hope she is preggers.. plus she would GET soo much money for those kids lol

Dropdeadgorjusz said...

i know B's body is amazing but i bet she can get into shape as fast as the other celebrities who have gotten preggers! && since shes so private we probably wont see her kids till they're like 12 haha..


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