Days of her life.

So i just got back from work today or should i say tonight because its about 11:19pm and these past days,weeks,months i have had so much on my mind & basically i feel like i need some venting to feel better. school is stressful like always and for those of you who are students probably feel the same way. sometimes its not even the work but the money,i mean i was not born rich and raised in a family where i was given everything,well my mom and dad did try and give me and my brother everything they could but i was taught that at times i could not have everything!!! i wanted. At times im glad i was raised that way just because it taught me the value of money and how to use it wisely. Not just that but it also taught me how to not be so needy and greedy,you know what i mean, i have alot of friends who are handed everything and have no care in the world about others around them who are less fortunate then them,its sad it really is. Even if i don't have the amount of money i would want to have, or the fabulous life i would like to live i always think about those around me and myself,and question, how would i be if i wasn't raised like this? how different would my life be?

I know my mom tries hard and so does my dad at times even if hes not always there.(i will explain that story another day lol) ,well yes my mom, has inspired me so much to try and succeed with everything i do without saying one word. i see how she struggles everyday at work,working a full time shift getting paid nothing but minimum wage is so unacceptable to me. At times i hate letting her see me struggle because  hate seeing her struggle& i hate asking her for any money at all.
Going to school may be rough for me, tiring and exhausting , but my mothers struggle always pushes me,pushes me to succeed so that one day she wouldn't have to work so damn hard and wouldnt have to worry about me.
Even though i have to struggle my self everyday,commute 45 min from home to school,work,nobody said it would be easy,not even my mom, She knows it hard ,i know life is hard,tough,difficult however you want to put it: but we got to deal with it w.e comes our way good or bad its a lesson you learn on purpose that either makes you a better person or changes you just a bit. life is life and its beautiful.

                                                                                                         Your Truley,


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