One floral at a time

Spring is almost in the air approximately 15 days to be exact! ahh!
Spring trend #3-FLORALS

When isn't florals in? i admit i am such a girlie girl and i love things that are pink,purple and have flowers all over but who doesn't seriously, this trend wont be something ill be looking for hard in stores because i already have enough florals in my closet but a girl can never have enough of anything! (at least i THINK) &;; This trend not only can be played around with clothes but even shoes,handbags,jewelry, scarves etc.. you name it even umbrellas since you know April showers bring May flowers you want to spread the trend anyway possible"you know what i mean jelly beans ;)" :: I went online and made some collages from Charlotte Russe & Forever 21 that include items revolving this trend, also check out H&M and their new "The Garden" line which includes a variety of sophisticated floral patterns.

                                              Forever 21
  Charlotte Russe


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