Somtimes being simple is key! in being beautiful. When i think simple i think about the number one or the color white and sighing  ahh! and the word comfy,but then when i think ahh and comfy i picture sweats and loungy t-shirts but that's not where im going!! ..what im trying to say is that one main key in this seasons trend is to keep it simple yet classy and trendy at the same time.

Lately ive been eying Forever 21, Charlotte Russe , and H&M and seeing that very simple yet chic look all around. Im talking about the plain wife beaters with chains or sequins etc..

This you can dress up dress down and still look like you took more than 10 min to get ready! these plain shirts actually have become my best friend whenever i have no idea what to wear. One big trend ive spotted are pockets pockets pockets which make a simple shirt not so simple, either the pocket is abnormally small,big ,or detailed. my fav. thing about these are that they range from $5-$15 for 2 pairs of shirts or one.


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