Ramble Ramble.

So let me just say these past few days ive been uh..... up to nothing. Absolutely .nothing.
** well for some uplifting news..well for me ..my BIRHTDAY is coming and im finally going to be 20! yes the teenage years are over! well sort of i still have a week to act reckless and immature and have such a good excuse to back it up :)
-- ive been thinking of a lot of change from dying my hair blonde to cutting my bangs in a straight fringe to even getting a new tattoo! i don't know what i might do but i want something different to start off this 2nd decade of mine and im pretty excited ♥

### other than that my manager and i have been speaking about our blogs constantly and exploring about ideas to post..she is soo cute and inspiring with her homemade flowers and necklaces && did i mention she makes some BANGING cupcakes yum ;p check out her blog and follow her --> click aqui .

she even made me this beautiful flower in hot pink and purple which i plan to wear almost everyday this spring & summer. + great color block accessory.


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