ell-oh-vee-e NY

I truly abandoned you guys!! im soo sorrryy but during my spring break i just wanted to relax and just do completely nothing with my life..yes nothing ! i was so stressed my period even skipped a month..yes that stressFULL!
--Well now im back at school and as you all know im in NY for most of my classes and it is just fabulous. Every corner you turn in NY is like a new adventure and at times i feel like such a tourist roaming around but i  love it..i usually just sit and stare at people's sense of fashion, look around and see what people do when they're bored..(like me!) usually their reading,taking pictures, or just observing.
-- observing is what i do best and one of these days im going to grab a camera and snap some shots to show you guys what interests me in NY..either what people wear,how they act,what they do and ill even maybe take you to some famous new york places.

 To me everything is art and its all around us. That's why i love spending time in NY,just so much going on every second of the day and its such a fast pace city in which is one of the reasons i love NY because i hate slow moving people,im so type A. NY really is a place for impatient people, i mean seriously speed walking is their casual walking..  haha

well hope you enjoyed this post..have you ever been to NY? what do you think about it? comment below!!


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