Yummy Jewlery!

It has literally been snowing in New Jersey for the past 24 hours seriously since 10pm yesterday when i got out of work till 10pm now! yes wow but any who my boredomness and creativity have made a good match for these wonderful non-edible treats well i wish i could eat them. So YouTube has been my god for the past year and ive learned to do basically anything including these adorable treats! They are made with bakeable clay that you mold and put in the oven for 15min and TADA! =YUMMY cupcakes,fruit treats,pies,ice cream etc..

-- REALLY, i apologize for the bad quality in these pics they're from my phone well what can i do when i have no camera(in which i am currently investing on)but yes hope these treats can be somthing you guys look into doing as well they're really easy to make which just a scarce amount of supplies bought at AC MOORE OR MICHAEL'S.These are just a couple of things i made:


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