Distress Yourself !

So besides this snow on the eastern side of the united states i have made myself get over it by literally fantasizing about my outfits for spring 2010.. really who does that? and no spring outfit will be complete without wonderful distressed jeans,boyfriends jeans,boyfriend shorts,bermudas,jeanjackets..you name it! Really the only time i like the word "STRESS" is in my wardrobe.
**My mom thinks whats the point in wasting so much money in jeans when you can literally make them yourself: so i have.All you need is a box cutter and other simple materails like rocks,toothbrushes,scissors. Whatever you can find that will make your jeans rip or fade will work just as well. You can even grab bleach and put in a clean spray bottle and spray it all over your jeans but make sure you dont do it on your carpet or while wearing your fav. outfit. && if you dont want to mess up any of your jeans just go to a local thrift store and go to the mens section or even young boys and find yourself a pair of jeans that sit right on your waist but baggy when it gets to your thighs also dont worry if its to big distressed jeans look even better with a belt.


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