So ladies sorry i haven't posted like practically nothing this week(yea BECAUSE you know i live a busy life)--Sarcasm. Yes i am a BIG procrastinator!! Any who this whole week to me has been about confidence and believing your beautiful inside and out. I was watching the Tyra Banks Show and she was talking about her BIO campaign which means Beauty Inside and Out and how ladies should embrace their flaws, Find something you don't like about yourself and make it a positive.ME! i really don't like my nose i feel like it sticks out just like my dads but you know what its OK because obviously it makes me ME! Ive learned to accept it and im fine with that. A lot of young women today are hit with these perfect images of beautiful women and all they see is this one image that an attractive women should have a small waist,big boobs,long legs,big almond eyes,soft hair,perfect bone structure etc.. i can seriously go one forever, but the only women that i know that actually has these features is BARBIE and guess what? shes not real!!
__Really guys what you have to do is embrace every part of your body and stop complaining about everything because there is always that person who has it even worse than you,your complaining about being over weight by just 3 pounds really? There's people out there who weigh 500 to 600 pounds,your complaining about your curly curly hair or pin straight hair there's people out there who don't have hair at all. Ive complained about half of these things and every time i feel like im about to complain about something i always remind my self that there's people out there who don't have and wish they did have with what i have been blessed with.
This is becoming a huge blog but its just sad what society has pressured these women and young girls to look like,i really hate that my sister has to be raised in a world with all these images and falseness that doesn't really exist.
Another thing++++ there is a big difference between wanting to lose weight because you feel your fat and getting healthy and toned because you want to feel good. Getting fit is something that makes you feel good and energized and healthy, starving your self is not making your stomach or mind healthy REMEMBER THAT!!

SO YES guys because we should all embrace our natural beauty i took a picture without makeup and we all should because that is when we are truly bee-you-tee-full -Dropdeadgorjusz ♥


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