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Well Well Well, another snow storm another blog about a spring trend to remind me of the lovely weather about to come..sucks if your living in the tri state area because your basically forced to stay in your house all day! but any who ROMPERS & JUMPSUITS are playing it big this spring/summer. Exciting is the word. ive always wanted this style to come back ever since i remember j lo wearing those form fitting jean jumpsuits but instead not in a jean fabric but a more softer and loose fitting some what jersey knit ,but yes don't get me wrong the jean trend is in and if you can rock the jean jumpsuits like Rihanna and Jlo then go right ahead.
Now there isn't just one certain kind of jumpsuit/romper the trend varies from very tailored to very loose and flowy and then very sporty.

** i am def. planning on wearing this trend but of course searching for better finds online like Forever 21 & Charlotte Russe click links to view what i found!!!

 For more tips and tricks on how to wear these rompers and jumpsuits this spring click here Link

  • Tailored  
    • Loose & Flowing
    • Sporty                                                                                   


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