The Good Die Young ,RIP Andy.

Today was a horrible day for me,something I've never experienced and something i wished i didn't have to go through but at times through out our lives we loose someone special someone that meant the world to us, but took it for granted as if they were going to be there forever. Well today i lost a good friend a GREAT friend.Not only have a known him since first grade but he was like a big brother to me. His jokes were the funniest and his humor always brightened up my day i have so many memories with him that I'm grateful that i got to meet a person like him.,he was sweet,caring and everything a good person is made of.Not only did he brighten up my day but everyone else s and now god needed someone to make him laugh be caring and sweet with. Its hard and something like this really changes your mentality and makes you take people less for granted makes you think twice about them and makes you live your life like its the last day. I will never forget my Crazy Daisy,your an angel now && i hope you watch over me your silly goose. We all miss you and love you ,RIP Andy.forever in our hearts


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