Greetings from 2010!

So damn how long has it been? oo since JULY! DAMMMMN haha wow so you can tell i suck at this. Well a few days ago my store manager reminded me that i even had a blog yess and now im sticking to it. I PROMISE! foreal foreal, all jokes aside i will update you everday or every 2 days or 3 or 5 but i will update you! any who i only got about 5 min to update you guys in my life because i need to go to the bank soon and workk -_- but i gotta do what i got toDO.. but yes im eating spagehtii right now and im sort of distracted but yea we are in 2010 and it just feels so sureal doesn't it? or is it just weird me but like 2010 is to weird of number to be a year i dont know like i feel like the end is coming OMG! so much of 2012 and that movie has me almost running to my mom late at night asking her if i can sleep in her bed aside by those other whack movies like paranormal activity. Really people it was nothing but a joke and i heard that the two actors had to improvise throughout the whole movie to make it look real which even my 10 year old sister watched and she looked pretty bored. ENOUGH ABOUT THAT i talk to much but ill be back tomorrow. and oh yea i need a new camera because mines broke =( ______my life sucks.


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